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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sorry...Been Busy

Been gone for so long without an explanation. I realize there were someone of you who actually enjoyed see weekly updates on NEW restaurants.

Urbanspoon pretty much ruined it

Urbanspoon told me to delete photos that were deemed "Duplicates"

I always take whole pics of my food and then close ups. They told me to delete a lot of my pictures and I would get my "powers" back. Well Im not going through over 5000 photos I have uploaded for them over 5 years of service, 5 years of free labor down the tubes,,,,,and now?

Food Trucks!

I do social media for a food truck and a beer garden which hosts food trucks. It is time consuming but its fun to interact with all the food truck owners. A lot of them are the most down to earth people you could ever meet. It was hard at first to see new restaurants and just drive by them without taking a picture but I feel Urbanspoon doesn't deserve me or the other PRIMES who basically stopped the same time I did. San Antonio Urbanspoon was one of the most active communities on Urbanspoon and in one fell swoop...... POOF! We are gone!  Primes such as Stinky, Couch Potato, Eloquent Epicurean and I James....We had some good fights on US...why? I haven't a was pretty stupid. Heck maybe of this social media stuff ever gets boring, Ill get back to blogging!?

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Torchy's Tacos Coming to San Antonio

Austin Based Torchy's Tacos has landed in San Antonio at 999 E.Basse Road where the now closed Posada Del Rey was and the shopping center where the HEB sits. Michael Rypka started his dreams when he purchased a food trailer and this was how Torchy's was born. Torchy's is now spreading all over Texas and Torchy fans of San Antonio can now rejoice!

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Restaurants Coming To The San Antonio Area

Howdy! Been a long time! On a loaner computer for the time being because mine bit the dust! I'm making a food truck only blog now and this one will stay as a new restaurant/mom and pop restaurant blog. You can get to my other blog by clicking the Food Truck Nation button below this blogs logo. There I will feature food trucks only for the San Antonio area. Now on to the new restaurants!

Lick - Honest Ice Creams will be going into The Pearl soon! Company is out of Austin...please visit them on their facebook!
 (credit: Couch Potato Critic)

Freedom Cup is a new coffee shop that has opened in Boerne. For more info please visit their facebook

Mattenga's Pizzeria has taken the place of Goombas Pizzeria in Schertz on 3009. According to my phone convo they will be serving the same menu as Goombas but its a different owner.

Harvest Moon Cafe & Bakery is open on 2611 Wagon Wheel. Please visit them on their facebook for more info.

Bad Dogz Beer & Bites has opened in Helotes which replaced the now closed Pizza Venti. Check them out on their facebook

Mercato Cafe on the Promenade has opened in the Elian Hotel and are opened 6am to 8pm daily

Galpão Gaucho has opened deep in Stone Oak on Hardy Oak and Stone Oak Parkway. This is a Brazilian Steakhouse which opened in the now closed Capricosos Pizza. Check them out!

I will be updating a lot of my pages on restaurants that have already opened too! check them out