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Monday, August 12, 2013

Gallo Pizzeria

Wondering where to go for great pizza and are getting tired of places claiming to have the best pizza? Look no further pizza connoisseurs, Gallo Pizzeria (pronounced Guy-o) which is deep in the heart of west side San Antonio has everything you would want in a fantastic pizza. From the outside,  the building itself is small with limited parking but don't let that discourage you from going in and trying this hidden gem. People in this neighborhood know about this place and people in the Stone Oak area are jealous that they don't have a pizza place like this there. Word of mouth is how I found this place a little over two years ago when I was working in the area. The owners are super nice from the moment I walked in the door. It was like I was walking into someones house and I felt at home. I told them pizza is my favorite food and I hear you got great pizza.

First time in I played it safe with my toppings...plain pepperoni. It was love at first bite...the way the pizza was cooked where the pepperoni is kinda crispy-crunchy on the edges? yeah thats what I like! When work brings me to this side of town I know where to eat but I have drove over 25 miles just to eat here too. Since my first trip.... I have been back at least a dozen times. Every trip I would try a new topping until I found the right combination....Feta Cheese, Jalapenos and Pepperoni...FREAKING AMAZING flavors that had my taste buds high fiving each other! :D All these flavors really worked well together and its pretty much what I get when I go there.

If you are on the adventurous side, you may want to try their Diablo Pizza...The Diablo is made with diced Habanero, Jalapenos and Ghost Peppers on their special Diablo Sauce...this isn't for the faint of heart and you may want to wear gloves so you don't accidently touch any part of your skin if you come in contact with this "my ass is on fire" pizza. Mac and Stephanie are great people who are having success with this little pizza place on the west side. Got Pizza? they do and its good! Got Brownies? yeah they got those too.

9.9 out of 10

-.1 for messing up my order once o_O


  1. I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful review! And to say I'm sure it was Mack who messed up your order and not me LOL

  2. Thank you for putting out a great product!