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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grand Central Cafe & Club Car Lounge

In 1974 a movie came out called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The house which the movie was based
around was in Round Rock at the time. In 1998, The Antlers Hotel in Kingsland Texas bought this house and dismantled it piece by piece and refurbished it completely next to the Antlers Hotel. I have seen this movie more than once and was terrified as a child. I for the longest time thought it was a true story only to learn it was loosely based off Ed Gein. Driving up to this Victorian house I recognized it immediately and thoughts of the movie started to creep back into my head. Walking up to the door I noticed an old man staring at me through the window...could it be grandpa from the movie!?

I bravely walked in and it was exactly like the movie...beautiful wooden staircase to the right and before I could look further the hostess came out...follow me she said. She turned around and started walking back to the "Leatherface" door.....noooo...omg!!. I for sure thought I was going to be grabbed and thrown onto a meat hook! We were seated in a room alone with a few tables with a beautiful view of the outside.

Our server Brandon was great and should be an example to others on how to be a waiter. This restaurant offers an array of different foods and I played it safe with the Chicken Fried Steak (Voted Best CFS in the Highland Lakes) and my friend got the New York Bleu York which is a 10 oz. New York strip topped with bleu cheese crumbles and sautéed mushrooms. Both of these I would absolutely recommend if you are a first time customer and can't decide what to get. Brandon our waiter said the breakfast served here is amazing and it's something I will have to do on my return trip.

Upstairs is the Club Car Lounge which is operated by the Jones', a husband-wife team. I really enjoyed the bar upstairs with its leather chairs and couches, a small bar but very intimate bar. There is an autographed picture of "Leatherface" along with a ghost named "Julia"...I did not see this ghost but it doesn't mean she wasn't there though..I guess. The Grand Central Cafe is owned and operated by Rick Gregory and Drew Gerencer who wanted something elegant without spending the big bucks. I would compare it to Texas Roadhouse prices but with fancier settings and just a cooler place to be....I ate inside the Texas Chainsaw House! How cool is that?! There is a river which comes out of Inks Lake that rolls right beside the Grand Central Cafe so if you're up for a little stroll after an awesome meal, around the corner you will see some beautiful views! Well worth the walk. Being from San Antonio I would highly recommend a day trip up 281 North...about hour and a half drive. You can visit the listing on urbanspoon where I have uploaded more pictures. Click the urbanspoon icon below....

Grand Central Cafe & Club Car Lounge
(325) 388-6022
1010 King Court 
Kingsland, TX

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