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Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Bob's Burgers

Where do I start? I have been going to Big Bob's for several years and I always tell people this is my favorite burger place bar none! This is a place I would take out of town guests to because its just that good. I had a chance to meet Bob at his new Big Bob's before it even opened. By the way his new location is Downtown on 100 N Santa Rosa St and has been open a few weeks now. Bob is a very out going guy and really cares about his customers. He also really cares about what people are saying on Urbanspoon. Robert Riddle or Chef Riddle...yes Robert went to the CIA in New York and is a really good chef. He has been around the world cooking in places like Maui and Europe. This is a great chef and he plans to stay right here in San Antonio

Walking into this place you get the open feeling which is far more inviting than his old location around Fort Sam..I really hated that place. Service was inviting. Barbara is the best...always attentive and answered all my questions when I was asking food questions. (Update: 12-11-2013, Barbara Wolfe has passed away RIP)

I had a chance to get Bob's famous 50/50 which is half pound of raw bacon and a half pound of lean angus beef. On my visit I added guacamole on it which didn't drown out the taste of the bacon or the angus beef. Everything tastes better with bacon as so they say and in this case the two meats mixed well together and had my taste buds begging for more. I think next time I will put jalapenos for that extra kick!. Along with my 50/50 I got his famous tater tots which are cooked to the way I like them....extra crunchy. There are so many other menu items I wanted to try but I had to go with what Bob suggested and I think it was a grand slam.

With so many options in his menu it will keep me coming back for more. This time I will venture downtown to his new crib and maybe try the Big Filthy? We shall see

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