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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Speisen European Cuisine

Carlos and Dianko Barajas are well known for their popular restaurant, Guajillo's. So what are they doing opening a European Restaurant? Well their mother is originally from Austria and Dianko Barajas was trained in cooking Austrian food and also worked with Wolfgang Puck in Mexico City. With me being half German, I have been meaning to come here since I heard about Speisen which my mother said its pronounced Spi-sen which means "to eat".... 

Walking in the place looks elegant with black as its primary colors. Its dimly lit for a romantic feel...very nice touch. Speisen is a European restaurant so it has different comfort dishes from the different european countries. I grew up eating schnitzel and although they serve different types of schnitzel, I wanted to go with something different. Something thats not talked about in reviews is the service. Our waiter, Johnny was the best. When a restaurant has this kind of service it comes down to the management. Hector the manager at Speisen was there at the time and was attentive and even comped us a dessert platter. My entire family ordered something different so I was able to taste 4 different dinner dishes.

I ordered the Beef Medallion with Gorgonzola sauce. The meat was tender and the sauce was incredible. According to the menu this dish is Italian. I then tried the Beef Stroganoff which was labeled as Russian/French. This would be recommended if you wanted the absolute best stroganoff in San Antonio. I also has the privilege to try the Zigeuner Schnitzel or "Gypsy Schnitzel" (Austrian) which has a spicy sauce of bell peppers, tomatoes and onions on top...incredible flavors. The last dish I tried was Pork Loin Schweinsbraten Style which is (Bavarian Roasted Pork)...this was tender and full of flavors. I would recommend all four of these dishes if you can not make up your mind. With the menu being this deep, it will keep me coming back for more.

After the plates were cleared the manager Hector comped us a dessert platter which consisted of To Die For which is warm chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and hand whipped cream and was super rich in flavor. The Apfelstrudel was warm and flaky...very good. and the final dessert on the platter was the Hot Love Ice Cream Coupe. This is vanilla ice cream, warm raspberry sauce topped with hand whipped cream. I can not tell you how this tasted cause my mother ate it all! So it must have been good. Overall I would say put this high on your list of restaurants you HAVE to go to. Its been a long time since I have been to a place that makes me think about it hours later. San Antonio desperately needs places like this.

Speisen also offers a full bar and happy hour. Check their Facebook for specials

Speisen European Cuisine
7115 Blanco Rd #110
(210) 541-8911


  1. Mack and I still can't wait to try this one out!