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Monday, October 21, 2013


Have you ever found yourself adding bacon to anything? Bacon is like a drug and it draws you in. It has a unique flavor and you cant replicate it with anything. I just picked this place exclusively for the name and the menu because it all revolves around bacon. Bacon has been around for a little over two years now and is located in downtown Austin.... A simple yet delicious menu that mainly revolves around bacon and is cheap to today's standards.

When I got here there was a line coming out the door that lead to me standing for a little bit. I would say I waited around 30 minutes before I actually placed my order. This gave me time to snap a few pictures of the outside and one included a door handle shaped like bacon! go figure. I wasn't in any hurry to get in and it gave me enough time to decide what I wanted to try. It was a beautiful, crisp day and I wasn't
in any hurry...I was salivating on what I was about to eat. Once I placed my order I was timing how quick my food was going to come out. In less than 5 minutes my appetizer was out. I got the Texas Lil' Smokies which consist of a bacon wrapped sausage with bleu cheese and jalapenos. What an incredible mix of flavors this had! This is labeled as an appetizer but you really can eat this and be done....but why stop there?

5 minutes after that I tried the biscuits with bacon gravy...Bacon, yes something this simple makes this southern favorite even that much better. I can tell the biscuits are made from scratch and this makes it a must try for the first timer if you cant decide on what to get. Another to try if you cant make up your mind is the french toast with bacon. You can get different types of bacon with this and I chose the house bacon for this meal. House bacon doesn't look like what you have grown up all your life with and that's thin,crispy bacon. This house bacon or what I like to call it "slab-o-bacon" is thick and chewy. I got a cup of maple syrup with it so I just poured it over my toast and bacon and ate it up....incredible

In closing there are a few places I go to that make me think about it hours even days later and this is what Bacon has done to me. Now if someone would make something like this here in San Antonio! I would defiantly add this to your foodie wishlist if you ever are in Austin.

900 W. 10th St Austin, TX 78703
(512) 322-9777

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