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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Chilitos Express Latin Fusion Kitchen

Al Maldonado always had a love for food and little did he know what a hit Chilitos was going to be. His food has the latin flavor from countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rican and all of Latin America. He wanted to being a latin flavor to Boerne without scaring them away so by naming his mobile restaurant "Chilitos", people can associate it with what is most popular in South Texas and that is Tex-Mex. So with that said you will find tacos at Chilitos but it will lead to much more and thats what Al Maldonado has created with Chilitos.

 I have been conversing with Al on his Facebook and finally I went out to Boerne to see if his food lived up to the high scores on Urbanspoon. Al is a very personable person who loves to talk about his business. He also visits his Urbanspoon page quite often because he wants to know what people think about his food. If I had a restaurant I would probably do the same thing! 

Boerne is starving for a good restaurant. The most popular is a Chili's?? I can't remember the last time I went to a Chili's. Do yourself a favor and check out Chilitos because you wont be disappointed. Not only is Al's Cuban sandwich good...its one of the best tasting sandwiches of any kind I ever had...PERIOD. I don't know where he gets his bread from but WOW!  Al's special sauce was amped up a little cause I told him to bring the heat. But if I had to tell you to only get this I would be lying...There are two things you must try when at Chilitos. I had an opportunity to also try what Al said was the best tamales around...and what can I say...he can back those words up too. His tamales make places like Delicious Tamales look like the "McDonalds of Tamales" I will make that trip in December to get my tamales at Chilitos. If you are interested in the best tamales in South Texas, then give Al a call. 

Chilitos Express Latin Fusion Kitchen
826 Johns rd
(210) 410-9664

Chilitos Express Latin Fusion Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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