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Saturday, November 02, 2013


Guajillo's: The shortcut to Mexico, so the sign outside says. Guajillo's pronounced (Gua-he-os) has been here for years now and I have passed it thousand of times not knowing exactly what it was. I was just assuming another Tex-Mex yawner. So many "Mexican" restaurants in San Antonio don't stand out and this is where Guajillo's shines. If you come here expecting Tex-Mex you might as well get in your car leave but I would suggest not doing that because you will miss out on some delicious food.

Guajillo's is named after the guajillo pepper which Guajillo's uses in their sauce. The guajillo pepper is listed on the scoville scale as between 2500-5000 units. It is produced by drying the mirasol chili, and which is widely used in the cuisine of Mexico. Now with that said most of us who live in San Antonio commonly use jalapenos and in my case, jalapenos are not hot to me anymore. Never eaten anything with the guajillo pepper I got some heat to the back of my body was trying to figure out what the heck I just ate. Their complementary salsa is flavorful with a nice kick...I could not stop eating it. Place was quite busy between 8-9pm Friday night which was the time I had gone. Service was impeccable and our server Letty was informative and attentive. 

When you order food next time, time the order from when you order till the food gets back to you. Anything from 10-15 to me is acceptable. Two dinner dishes were ordered but they did not come out to us at the same time and this is a no no...BUT with the food being as good as it was, I know hiccups can occur and I'm giving them the benefit of a doubt. First dish was out in about 12 minutes and the second came about 3 minutes later. 

 I was able to try two dinner dishes. First one I tired was Albondigas en Salsa Chipotle which is hand made meatballs filled with egg and rice cooked is chipotle sauce..served with rice and beans. Awesome flavoring, seasoning with a kick of chipotle! Next I tried the Alambre which are mini tacos consisting of  sautéed steak, pork loin, bacon, onions and poblano peppers. Having recently being introduced to this style of tacos from food trucks, it had that familiar feel and texture. It was delicious and it had..dare I say the B word? BACON! 

Overall I had a great dining experience and I'm glad I finally tried this place out. I highly recommend coming here for something different but yet familiar. 

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