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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tiu Steppi's Osteria

Tiu Steppi's Osteria is the 2nd restaurant opened and operated in the past two years by Chef Steve Warner who has an extensive background being the Executive Chef with Morton's of Chicago and he opened Wildfish Seafood Grille in Newport Beach before coming to San Antonio to open Wildfish here on Huebner and 1604. Steve left Wildfish and opened his own restaurant with his own vision in mind. That restaurant opened 2 years ago on Braun and 1604 called Two Step Cantina. I went there shorty after opening and was really impressed with the food and so much I keep going back for more. When I heard about the next adventure of Tiu Steppi's of course the curiosity of pizza, pasta and beer got my taste buds excited. 

First night of soft opening I went in anticipating good food, it was hard not to. Hostess saw us coming and opened the door. We were seated and the waitress went over the the menu with us explaining what was wasn't a full menu. Started out with Fried Mozzarella with Pesto. These were not the norm of what you might think of fried mozzarella should cheese sticks here. This appetizer was very good with the pesto. 

There was 4 different types of pizza on the menu. I had the 14in pizza split with their House pizza and the other half BBQ Chicken. The House pizza had 5 different cheeses, crust was garlicky and it was cooked perfectly in the wood fired oven. The five cheese pizza included Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago and Pecorino. All of these worked amazingly well together. The BBQ chicken was good but had too many onions on it for my liking. The BBQ sauce they use is spicy and for someone like me who has a higher tolerance for spice than the average person, I thought it was a bit too spicy but had an excellent taste. The Tortellini Pasta I tried was stuffed with spinach with mushrooms and onions on top...once again too many onions as with the pizza but its really not a big deal....just my personal preference. This pasta is homemade and cooked to perfection. It almost seemed like I walked into a restaurant which had been in business for years. How could this be this spot on first night of soft opening? Every thing we had had minor flaws but nothing structurally wrong with anything. 

I actually had room for desert which is kind of odd when I go out and eat. You get the waitress that comes over and tries to sell you more and says something like "you got any room for desert?" My answer is usually no...emphatically nooooooo. This time was different and I wasn't stuffed but I was satisfied and was confident I indeed had room for some deserts. I was able to try some of the Cappuccino Raspberry Torte. This is super rich for my liking...however I could not stop eating it. The Creme Brulee was the star of this desert lineup...perfect...don't know what else to say about it. 

I walked out of a place that had their first day of service and feel like they executed everything pretty well for their test of this soft opening. Overall everyone working there from the hostess, waitress, random cooks and staff that came by to check on everyone was excellent. Everyone is trained right and that reflects back to the owner, Chef Steve Warner. I can see myself coming back here a few times more because Tiu Steppi's is unique to this area and if this soft opening is any indication of what will become, I cant wait to try more. 

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  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Congratulations to Chef/Owner Steve Warner and his team for winning the 2014 San Antonio Express News Critics' Choice for BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT!!!