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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wrigleyville Grill

Italian Roast Beef
Tucked away in the Park North Shopping Center is this little place called Wrigleyville Grill. The owners lived all their lives in Chicago and moved down here 3 years ago to San Antonio and are very personable people. Having only been to Chicago's airport to connect to another flight, I really don't know much about authentic Chicago Style food but something about this place keeps me coming back to try something different every time. I have made this trip 3 times and 2 of the times I have seen a car out front with Illinois licence plates its not the owners car! Nice to see people from Illinois at a place which deems itself "Chicago Style Food". 

Italian Roast Beef
Chili Dog
So when I stumbled upon this place naturally I was curious on what Chicago comfort food was and not too long after they opened I paid them a visit.  I chose to go with the Famous Italian Beef which is their own recipe...Roast Beef on Gonnella French Bread and for .30 extra I added giardiniera peppers "sotto aceti" which means "under vinegar" a common term for pickled foods. I got the combo which came with fries, drink and all of this is under $10 for those of you dining on a budget. 

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